Spring is in the air!

IMG_2053Welcome to the new Moelker Orchards blog! Each week throughout the year we hope to interest you with thoughts, insights and news from the farm. We hope you will enjoy and share it! Feel free to comment or ask questions.

According to the calendar, spring is here! Looking outside I might beg to differ! While most folks can’t wait for warmer weather to show up, we in the fruit growing business actually like a cool late spring. A later spring means slower growth of our apple blossoms, and delays bloom until the chances of a killing frost are minimal. Remember 2012? It was in the 80’s in March and everything sprouted and bloomed a month earlier than normal. Remember no apple crop that year? We sure do. Fortunately, this year does not look like a repeat of that.

Here on the farm we are finishing up our apple tree pruning and getting the orchards cleaned up for the upcoming growing season (spring cleaning?). We are removing some older trees and will work this summer to build the soil up to prepare for next year’s planting. When I look at my winter “to do” list I’m always surprised at how many items didn’t get checked off! Where did the time go? Now it’s rush rush rush to get things repaired (how did I forget THAT!?)  But ready or not we will soon be in full swing!

So while you golfers are cleaning up your clubs (again!) and you moms wish you could put away the winter coats and boots, just remember—spring will get here. When it does, we will forget all the waiting and enjoy it! And then we will wish it was summer…..

Hoping you have a fruitful day!

Tom Moelker


12 thoughts on “Spring is in the air!

  1. Scott Jones

    I hope, at some point, you’ll consider growing a few of the antique or heritage apple trees. Some of them offer both significant disease resistance along with very tasty fruit. More and more people are finding appeal in the novelty and deliciousness these old historic apples provide.
    Again, something to consider, and I hope you will.


    1. Thanks for your suggestion, Scott. We do still grow some very old varieties such as Wealthy, Tolman Sweet and Graham Spy. In my experience over the years with the older varieties their disease resistance has been similar to the newer kinds we are planting now.


      1. Scott Jones

        Pleased you’ve still got a few around. I’ve never had any of the grandfathered in apples you mentioned so I’m looking forward to taking some home next fall. Might even start on one early, how about in the bakery while ordering donuts?


  2. Marcia McDonald

    For me it is all about the peaches. Seems I never get enough! Such a short season and so many things to make with them. Enjoying them fresh is best! Love the blog.

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    1. Linda Bush

      Cecile Pokora (Mrs. Pokora) this is one of my favorite places to take my grandkids for donuts, too!! With one chilk having a nut allergy, love that the donuts & cookies are nut-free!

      Liked by 1 person

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