How good can come from bad.

Sometimes people react to adverse situations in unpredictable ways. In 2012, we lost our entire crop to multiple spring frosts. Some folks would have given up. Some would have taken the opportunity to take a vacation in the summer months for once (unheard of for a fruit farmer). Some might have taken a temporary job. We built a bakery.


Now this wasn’t completely unplanned. For about 5 years we had talked about doing it someday. And in January, long before the frosts came, we made the decision to go ahead with the project. Later, when the crops froze, it opened up more time for us to work on the project. Funny how providence works sometimes. Over the next few months we began to accumulate some of the bakery equipment that we would need to accomplish our goals.Various pieces came from Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and all around the great state of Michigan! As the weeks after the frost went on, two stalls of our then garage were slowly transformed and expanded to become the shell of what was to come–the Old Bell Bakery. With the help of friends and family we completely remodeled the building, adding more storage room and a rest room to our market too. We learned a lot about building, electrical wiring, plumbing  and making things look good (after messing them up the first time)! I think that we took some of it apart and put it back together so many times we could do it in our sleep!

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The girls got some great baking advice and experience from good friend Roger Ondersma, a long time bakery operator. And we got to enjoy a lot of trial runs of cookies, donuts and pastries as they perfected their technics!

IMG_0766   IMG_0768

So as we begin our bakery’s fifth year, it’s fun to look back at how it all began. We love the excitement that our customers have about opening up for a new season! And I have to admit that it is nice to be able to pop in for a fresh donut and coffee at break time…or any time for that matter! Not many people can walk across the yard and do that! (all in moderation of course). And this season Tressa has added Grandma M’s Sugar Cookies, a tasty salute to her Grandma Moelker using Donna’s tried and true home made recipe! Looking back now, it’s neat to see how a leap of faith can turn into something wonderful. And how with the support of family, friends and great customers, a dream can become reality.

A rare photo of Tom and Travis in aprons! With Abby and Tressa

Hope you have a fruitful week!

Tom Moelker



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