I always wondered…

It’s a the busiest time of year for us here at the farm. Harvest is in full swing right now, and has been for many weeks. Added to that is the frenzy at the market and the bakery that keeps the girls hopping all day long! Together those tasks keep our family working long hours every day(except Sunday)! And on Saturdays it seems everything gets multiplied as families come out to buy apples and pick pumpkins, take a horse-drawn wagon ride, or just devour our fresh warm donuts and cold cider!

Along with all the customers come many questions about everything apples. Some questions are unique, but it seems we answer some repeatedly throughout the day. So in this weeks blog I’m going to answer some of our most-asked questions.

Do you sell all of your apples here? We sell a lot of apples here, but they also go to other places. Some go to a packing facility that packages them for grocery stores such as Meijer, Kroger and Costco. Others go to the company that makes fresh slices for McDonald’s and cubes for Wendy’s salads. Still others go to Gerber to be made into baby foods.

Do you use a machine to pick your apples? No. Every apple on this farm is picked by hand. There is not a machine available to pick apples as of yet, but work is being done worldwide to develop one.


How do you know which trees are which–they all look the same! Think of it this way. You know what trees and flowers are planted in your back yard, especially if you did the planting. The same is true here. It’s just that our back yard is bigger than yours! We planted them and we spend every day taking care of them.

How many kinds of apples do you grow? We currently grow 26 varieties of apples. The earliest are ready in July, and the last we pick around the first of November.

What is the best way to store our apples? As cold as you can keep them without freezing them. We store our apples at 31-32 degrees. Apples freeze at 28 1/2 degrees. If you don’t have refrigerator space, a good place is in a large picnic cooler in your garage once the weather cools down. And do not store them with carrots. Carrots make apples ripen prematurely!


Can we just take a walk in the orchards? Unfortunately, no. Our biggest corporate customers require us to have an extensive food safety program on our farm. One of the requirements limits severely who can and cannot be in our orchards.The general public is not allowed. We spend hours (and a lot of money) going through audits of this program in order to be able to sell to Costco, McDonald’s and other national customers.

What do you do in the winter, go to Florida? Sounds like a great idea! And we do take a week or two off in the winter. But the orchard work continues year around. Winter is when we prune our trees, repair equipment and prepare for the next season.

These are some of the most frequently asked questions that we hear in the fall. We enjoy answering them, along with many others. It is good to know that our customers are interested in the farm and the work that we do! And we encourage you to ask as well at any time. In the mean time…

Have a fruitful week!

Tom Moelker


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