Thanksgiving. The word brings with it a hundred different memories. Flashes of times past, aromas of expansive and sumptuous dinners. Gatherings of family and relatives for a once a year celebration. Just the memories alone are something to be thankful for.

Thanksgiving for me is a time of reflection. Maybe it is for all farmers. Because just as the first Thanksgiving dinner long ago was a grateful celebration of God’s gifts of harvest and life itself, a farmer still sees it that way. At least this one does. It is a time for me and my family to count the many blessings we have, and to replay the ups and downs of the past growing season and harvest. Another year has past. Another crop is in. The most recent occurrence in this annual cycle has been the completion of another season of gathering in the crops. That in itself inspires thanks. Another crop, another gift and reward  for our labors. It is easy to be thankful in times like this.

It is tougher to be thankful when things are not as they should be. Sometimes the crop isn’t as bountiful. Sometimes it doesn’t come in at all. Sometimes our health is not what it should be. A relationship has been fractured, or is on a rocky path. Or a loved one will not be at the table this year, taken from us much too soon. In times like this our thanks, if we can even find it, comes through tears. Sometimes giving thanks is hard work.

But God is gracious, and we don’t have to look far to find reasons for thanksgiving. The friends and family that surround us. The joyful giggle of a child, playing a goofy game they have played with you a hundred times before. Or watching your grown children make good decisions as they jump into adult life. Sometimes our blessings are as big and obvious as the world itself. Sometimes they seem to be few and far between. But the truth is, no matter what our situation is in life, we all have reason to be thankful. Whether our “crop” is bountiful or seemingly scarce, our Creator walks with us through the harvest. And as another season comes to an end, we can be sure He will go with us through all the seasons of our lives.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving! (and a fruitful week too!)

Tom Moelker


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Susie

    We sang “Count your Blessings” in chapel yesterday morning and it was a beautiful thing. We’re thankful for your family and for the delicious crops you grow. The kids really enjoyed their donuts and cider this morning!

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  2. Sonia

    Thanks, Tom. I read all your blogs and enjoy each one, especially this one. I respect a farmer who knows the Source of his bounty and remains resolute in honoring God in what seems to be a season of scarcity. I appreciate seeing into your world.

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  3. Meryjo Baker

    I’m thankful for my brother Tom who has so ably expressed in his blog what we as a family have in our hevarts this Thanksgiving. He took over the family farm at a difficult time when our Dad passed away 31 years ago this week.
    Thanks to you, Tom, the Moelker farm has grown with your foresight, hard work and trust in God and has become even more ‘fruitful’ than we could ever imagine.
    Your sister, Maryjo

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